Saturday, February 2, 2008

Destroyer - Looter's Follies

Destroyer - Looter's Follies

You can huff
You can puff
But you'll never destroy that stuff
Finally i see why
I suppose
Kids you better change your feathers
Cause you'll never fly with those things

In these nights
The boys sing "hello, emptiness
I heard you're alright
I heard you're alright
I've heard of you"

A body aching
Fragile and pale
Dark valleys
House its trail
Why can't you see?
That a life in art
And a life of mimicry
It's the same thing

The room was crowded
And though you couldn't care less about it
That much was true
That much
Another version of this miniature rome
To set fire to
Why did we stop fucking around you
Girls like gazelles
Graze boys wearing bells
Blaze new trails in sound

I looked up
I looked around
A famous toronto painter shot me down
Oh i've busted my ass on these streets too long, he said
I set fire to the bed
And tore his gown

Felt some mercurial presence
Hitherto unknown
It was the sun
It was a stone falling through blank space
It was that jewel-encrusted roan
Getting in my face

Looked across the way
To the princess rooms
I saw brides and their grooms
Heard the sound of bells ringing

Cinders look back fondly upon a house on fire
When across an ocean
We go
We row
And we row
And we tire

Now step out of the darkness and into the light
Yeah it's common knowledge i've been doing alright
No i can't complain
On the east side midwives'
Lives go down the drain
All cause our babies are dying

I lifted the veil to see
Nature's trickery
Revealed as pure shit
From which nothing ever rose
Because nothing ever could
I swear somewhere the truth lies within this wood
And i swear looter's follies has never sounded so good
And win or lose, what's the difference?

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